End of the season inventory clearout! Lets make a deal!

Bikes Title

Road , City , Mountain , BMX , Youth , Fat Bikes and Semi Fat . For the time being, we once again have it all !

Our Current Bike Stock is
Being Updated Once a Week :)

Services Title

Great value and 30 Years of Experience in bicycle service/repair.

$7 Minimum Labour Rate

Tune-up and Pro Tune-up!


Pro Tune-up:$184.95

BMX Tune-up:$69.99

Tune-up Includes
-Adjust Brakes
-Adjust Gears
-Adjust Hubs
-Adjust Headset
-True Wheels
-Tighten All Hardware
-Tighten All Accessories
-Lube All Cables and Pivot Points
-Inflate and Inspect Tires
-Externally Lubricate
-Install First Cable for Free
-Adjust Suspension
Pro Tune-up includes all Tune-up services and
-Grease front and Rear Hubs
-Grease Headset
-Remove B.B. Kit Clean and Grease
-Grease Pivot Points on Full Suspension Bikes
-No Charge on Labour on Part Installation


Suspension Fork Service $108.00 - $168.00
Fox Shock, Rock Shox, and Marzocchi In House!
Extensive Rebuilds can be sent for service
Including suspension seat posts!
Stealth Dropper post Installation $72.00
Cane Creek can be sent for service
Est 7 - 10 day turn around on parts sent for service
-Detail, New Oil, New Seals
-Plus Parts
Rear Shock Service $48.00 - $120.00
-Detail, Lubricate, Install Seal Kit
-Plus Parts


Wheel True $24.95 - $39.95
Spoke Replacement
$1.25 Silver Stainless + True
$2.25 Black Stainless + True
DT Swiss / Wheelsmith Spokes or Sapin Spokes
Brass or Alloy Nipples
Philwood Spoke Cutter on Site!
Wheel Builds:
Wheel Build $60 each
Wheel Build w/ Disassembly of Old Wheel $75 each
Install Tube/Tire $16.00
Rear Internal Hub Tire or Tube Install $22.00
Electric Bike Rear Wheel Tube or Tire install $28.00 - $46.00
Inflate Your Tire FREE

Drive Train

Lubricate Chain $8.00
Chain Install $16.95
Cassette Install $16.95
Freewheel Install $16.95
Install Bottom Bracket $27.95
Tap Bottom Bracket $59.95
Hub Adjustment $16.95 - $24.95
Regrease Hub $24.95 - $39.95
Install Sealed Bearings in Hub $22.95 - $34.95
Install Chris King Headset with Factory Tools $40.00
Headset Install $28.95

Accessories Installation

Fenders $24.00
Rear Carrier $27.95
Computer Installation and Program $12.00 - $18.00
Training Wheels $14.40
Install Grips $6.00 + Grips
Install Bar Tape Road $18.00 + Tape

Derailleurs and Shifters

Derailluer Adjustment $16.95 - $24.95
Install Shifter Cable $24.95
Internal Gear Hub Adjust $16.95 - $24.95
Internal Gear Hub Grease & Oil Bath $41.95
Shifter Install & Adjustment $24.95 each


Brake Adjustment $16.95 - $24.95
Install Brake Cable and Adjust $24.95
Disc Brake Bleed (includes fluid) $40.00 each
Hydraulic Disk Brake Hose Installation
$48.00 each or $82.00 pair

Bike In a Box

Build New Bike From Box $110.00
Build Used Bike From Box (Includes Tune-Up) $150.00
Box Bike for Shipping $30.00
Survey Parts on your Bike For Internet Purchase $24.00
Adult Trikes and Electric Bikes $200.00

Electric Bike

We Only Service Bikes we Sell
Reprogram or Diagnostics $40.00 +
- Shimano
- Bosch
Motor Clean and Service $72.00
- Bosch
- Shimano
- Bafang
Bosch Capacity Test $30